Our People

Central to Austro’s business strategy is our philosophy to be an employer of choice. At Austro we consider our people to be our most valuable asset. We strive to attract, retain, develop, and nurture our employees. The aim is to provide a supportive workplace which facilitates personal development, professional advancement and a sense of ownership through amongst others, equity participation. We are dedicated to encouraging a milieu that promotes diversity and that offers the greatest opportunity for everyone. This is not only because of our moral and legal obligations but because we believe that it offers us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Research has proven that an organisation which promotes diversity has a marketing advantage as it is more sensitive to specific needs and legitimises the organisation for all its customers and other stakeholders. Studies have shown that innovative and creative solutions are more likely in a heterogeneous team where new and different perspectives are contributed, precisely because of the diversity that exists among members of the team. The third advantage, making full use of potential, is linked to skills shortages and the underutilisation of the resource represented by the previously disadvantaged groups who already work in the organisation.

Within the highly technical spheres which Austro operates in, there is a major shortage of skilled people which we aim to correct by not only employing, but also identifying and training existing staff who have the potential to develop the proficiency necessary to do the work according to our exacting standards. Continued training and education is a business imperative in the global marketplace as we constantly and consistently need to adapt and grow to meet ever-changing customer needs and technical developments within our areas of operation.