Your timber processing jobs are tough, the terrain can be challenging and your projects are big – But the latest range of Norwood Sawmills are engineered, and built, with these challenges in mind.

Norwood, one of the biggest portable sawmill companies in the world, was founded over 20 years ago. Our band sawmills have been hard at work through much of Africa for most of that time. While there may be other portable sawmills on the market, there are many reasons why Norwood sawmills are the best choice in Africa –

Innovation – Norwood is the undisputed global leader in portable sawmill innovation. The proof? – Almost 50 patents. That’s more than the combined total of all the other sawmill companies around the world – put together!

Productive – Norwood continues to advance the frontiers of portable sawmill innovation, focusing its research and development on technology to reduce the time it takes to mill a log into lumber. By eliminating operator functions and increasing capacity, Norwood sawmills are dramatically more productive and profitable than any other.

Reliable – Every Norwood is built strong to mill timber day-in-and-day-out with the absolute minimum of maintenance. They are easy-to-use and easy to look after.

Affordable – Yes, Norwood sawmills are affordable! You may think that all the innovation, patents and superior-quality put Norwood sawmills out of reach, but it’s just the opposite. In fact, if you compare feature-for-feature, and factor in the construction-quality, Norwood sawmills are better value than any other sawmill on the market.

Economical to Ship – Because Norwood sawmills are packaged and shipped in kit-form on a single pallet, you save thousands in freight costs thanks to this compact packaging system. Another key advantage is that, through self-assembly, you get to know your portable sawmill inside out, which helps with maintenance and profitable profitability.

There are numerous golden opportunities to make money in Africa, and one such way is the processing of the locally produced high quality trees into valuable timber and planks … all done in a way that conserves the priceless forests of Africa in a sustainably for future generations. Selectively harvesting trees eliminates the type of damage and waste left by large timber companies. Plus, by encouraging local processing of your logs, you are stimulating employment and economic growth, which all means much bigger profits for your local community.

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Norwood services customers throughout much of southern Africa in conjunction with Norwood’s partner in South Africa, Austro, a company specializing in quality wood-processing equipment for over twenty years.

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